Is Miley Cyrus the Joan Baez of Her Generation?

Is Miley Cyrus the Joan Baez of Her Generation?

“I see alot of people wear clothing who are assholes so maybe it’s wearing clothing that makes people assholes.” ~ Miley Cyrus

Although I am fairly certain that my great-grandmother thought the same of Bob Dylan as I think of Justin Bieber (not sure how one says “colossal twat” in yiddish), it appears as if Miley Cyrus could actually engender the consciousness raising social activism that Madonna’s egregious raunchiness failed to.

Cows are sacred in India but 4,000 of them have their brains pummeled every hour in America so that their bodies can be turned into hamburger, dog food, jackets, belts and bags; similarly, although human mammary glands have been used throughout history on much of planet earth as feeding mechanisms for smaller humans – with breast milk flowing through the dreaded nipple (am I allowed to write that word in public, Miley?) into the baby’s mouth – the thought of a nipple run amok strikes the fear of anarchy, of uncivilization, of pandemonium – cats and dogs living together – into the hearts of most Americans.

Breast-feeding has to be the most natural thing on your god’s green earth – yet a wardrobe-malfunctioned nipple in public… what?… it could lead to dancing???!!!

So bravo bravo bravo to Miley Cyrus for carrying the torch of social activism and most articulately publicly raising consciousness surrounding the hypocrisy, absurdity and stupidity of our culture’s puritanical mores last night on the Jimmy Kimmel show!

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