My Approach

Counseling is a mutually guided exploration into your “way of being” in order to cultivate the best possible tools to help you thrive mentally and emotionally in your relationships, career, and creative expression.

Sometimes clients come to me with very specific goals; other times we work together to figure out how I can help you. In general, you can expect to discuss what is currently happening in your life and how you would like to move forward positively.

Some clients have sessions every week, some have sessions until they complete specific goals, some clients in crisis (usually bad break-ups, betrayals, or career disappointments) have sessions every day or a few times per week, and some clients report massive break-throughs during a single session.

At Esalen, when I’m not teaching I offer something called “Drive-thru Therapy” where people have 10-15 minutes to attack a specific problem – often a resentment – in a completely novel manner.  Because of the unfathomable success of these sessions – new careers, new relationships, revitalized relationships, new paintings, new lifestyles, new friendships – I’m now offering the same type of “Drive-thru Buddhism,” “Drive-thru CBT” and “Drive-thru NLP” sessions in my office as well.

I have studied countless philosophies and healing modalities in Europe, Asia and across America and I share these tools to help you overcome whatever is challenging you.

For added convenience, in addition to normal 9-5 weekday office hours I see clients on Sundays 10-3 and Tuesday evenings.

My private psychotherapy practice currently has openings for one more Cigna client and two new sliding-scale clients!

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