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Learn how to be authentic!

My coaching features a series of specifically designed exercises to give you and your loved ones the tools necessary to reach new levels of intimacy, connection, cooperation, trust, harmony, understanding, compassion and love.

Our ability to connect with other people and interact with them authentically, compassionately and lovingly is the single most important correlate with overall happiness. During the past ten years I have taught mindfulness and authenticity to thousands of psychologists, psychotherapists, physicians, attorneys, engineers, and creative people all over America.

Now I am offering the lessons from my highly-acclaimed Esalen, Omega, Den & PESI workshops on happiness, mindfulness, authenticity, love and relationships privately via Skype and FaceTime.

To schedule an online relationship coaching class please fill out this Coaching Agreement form and email it to

And if you wish to schedule a corporate mindfulness coaching class, please call me at 310-430-5150

Office conveniently located at:
12304 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, 90025

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