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“The Red Pill:” Film Review

Virtually every society that survived did so by socializing its sons to be disposable. ~ Warren Farrell “The Red Pill” documents Cassie Jaye’s three year odyssey tracing the Men’s Rights Movement to deliver a well-crafted, poignant and insightful film. I would guess that the vast majority of the over 100 million murders committed during the [...]

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“Westworld:” Television Review

“Our business is to wake up.” ~ Aldous Huxley It has been amusing to read all of the banter floating around the Internet concerning the story lines of "Westworld." Humans are immensely talented creatures when it comes to creating stories, creating narratives - especially mysteries and paradoxes. We are equally deft at making maps. [...]

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“Circle of Poison:” Film Review

“Circle of Poison” is one of the most well-made and compelling documentaries I have ever seen. According to the film, no chemical pesticides existed before World War II. When the war ended, the corporations that had been making poison gases during the war turned their efforts towards making pesticides. Thereafter followed a mushrooming of [...]

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“Manchester by the Sea:” Film Review

"When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem resembles a nail." ~ Abraham Maslow Writer/Director Kenneth Lonergan is a tremendous explorer of psychological terrains seldom traversed due to their complexity. Played by Casey Affleck, the character Lee Chandler is an average American Joe who does not have the tools necessary to [...]

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“Tomorrow:” Film Review

Besides Jungian, Rogerian, Attachment, Relational, Existential, Cognitive Behavioral, Humanistic, Psychodynamic, Transpersonal - and my personal favorite, “Drive-Thru Therapy” - one of the modalities I employ as a therapist and counselor is called “Solutions Focused.” Instead of looking backwards and blaming possible or probable causes, Solutions Focused Therapy finds the exceptions where future desirable and [...]

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“The Case of the Three Sided Dream”: Film Review

The winner of two Best Documentary Awards and rated one of the top ten best music documentaries by, Adam Kahan’s masterful “The Case of the Three Sided Dream“ sold out at its premieres at SXSW film festival, the Blue Note jazz festival, and other festivals around the world. This stellar documentary is about Rahsaan [...]

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“Steve Jobs”: Film Review

“ opinion is that it’s certainly best to separate an artist far enough from his work, so that one does not take him with the same seriousness as one does his work. In the final analysis, he is only the precondition for his work, its maternal womb, the soil or, in some cases, the [...]

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“Best of Enemies:” Film Review

The medium is the message. ~ Marshall McLuhan Sigmund Freud famously withheld publishing “The Interpretation of Dreams ” from 1899 to 1900 because he was so arrogant and/or prescient that he believed his work would shape the entire next century. And it did. Similarly, in hindsight, the people at the ABC television network could [...]

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“PlantPure Nation:” Film Review

I read "The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted And the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, And Long-term Health" in 2007 and found its scientific conclusions staggering: if men want to avoid prostate cancer they should avoid eating meat and if women want to avoid breast cancer they should [...]

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“Chinese Puzzle,” “Venus in Fur,” and “Me, Myself and Mom” at the COLCOA Film Festival

For those who do not already know about it, the City of Lights, City of Angels (COLCOA) Film Festival is one of the great treasures of Los Angeles. Including seventeen U.S. premieres this year, COLCOA is an eclectic array of French movies highlighting the finest talents in French cinema. With screenings taking place at the [...]

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