Mindful Holidays

If you think you’re enlightened go spend a week with your family! ~ Ram Dass Although Americans enjoy more privileges and freedoms than people in many other countries, growing up in such a highly competitive society where children are constantly pushed to get good grades and “achieve” various goals on daily, weekly, monthly, and [...]

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What Is Authenticity?

In his Sunday New York Times article "'Be Yourself' Is Terrible Advice," Adam Grant states that, "Authenticity means erasing the gap between what you firmly believe inside and what you reveal to the outside world." In fact, what Professor Grant provides is the exact definition of "congruence," not "authenticity." Congruence is when what one reveals [...]

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Is Your Meditation Teacher Authentic?

...there may actually be puritanical fanatics of conscience who even prefer to lie down and die on a certain nothing than an uncertain something. ~ Nietzsche ...every artist first attains the supreme pinnacle of his greatness when he can look down into himself and his art, when he can laugh at himself. ~ Nietzsche I [...]

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10 Things You Should Know About Meditation

10. Paradoxically, meditation is the most difficult and most simple activity you will ever partake in. 9. There are infinite "anchors" (phenomena on which to focus your attention) and you need to find one or several that work for you. 8. The anchors - e.g., your breath, sensations, sounds, thoughts, steps, mantras, etc. - may [...]

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Mindful Therapy

When working with psychotherapy clients in my private practice, I usually try to discern and track two major themes: 1. What is the corrective emotional experience that the client is subconsciously yearning for? 2. Who am I showing up as subconsciously for the client? Or, what dynamic or pattern from his or her past are [...]

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The ABCs of Mindful Living: Authenticity, Balance & Compassion

To help people understand what it means to live mindfully, I have broken it down to ABCs: A: Authenticity. The definition of authenticity is elusive. Provocatively and paradoxically I was taught that people can only be authentic when decrying their own inauthenticities. Thus one cannot authentically say, "I authentically love you" but one can say, [...]

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Buddhism Does Not Exist

"Step right up... Everyone's a winner, bargains galore... That's right, you too can be the proud owner... Act now and receive as our gift... one size fits all... No muss, no fuss, no spills... Fifty percent off original retail price, skip the middle man... That's right, it filets, it chops, it dices, slices... It gets [...]

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Mindful Sex

The journey is the destination. Dan Eldon In his book "Constructing the Sexual Crucible: An Integration of Sexual and Marital Therapy," David Schnarch posits that sexual intercourse in America has become akin to mutual masturbation, that the way we approach recreational sex is too goal oriented, too focused on orgasm; thus, for some couples intercourse [...]

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Mindful Speech

In Los Angeles there is a certain elasticity to the concept known elsewhere as "truth." Ever since the Gold Rush people show up late to most meetings, shrug their shoulders in ersatz disbelief, and say, "Traffic." "Traffic, can you believe it??? I mean, who woulda thunk... in a city of 10 million people and 5.8 [...]

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