10 Things You Should Know About Meditation

10 Things You Should Know About Meditation

10. Paradoxically, meditation is the most difficult and most simple activity you will ever partake in.

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9. There are infinite “anchors” (phenomena on which to focus your attention) and you need to find one or several that work for you.

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8. The anchors – e.g., your breath, sensations, sounds, thoughts, steps, mantras, etc. – may change every day, once in a while, often, never.

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7. Expecting specific results from your meditation practice is a surefire way to set yourself up for failure and disappointment.

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6. Everyone thinks that meditation is easier for other people than it is for him or her.

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5. Your practice will be and feel different every day.

5. adam

4. You can’t do it wrong.

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3. Lawrence LeShan said about meditation, “It’s like coming home,” meaning that it is your birthright, your natural state, your true self – so it may help you to think about meditation as an uncovering or a revealing.

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2. Reading books about meditation is only useful to a point but you have to be in it to win it.

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1. If you want to learn about the dharma and how mediation works then I have found it to be most beneficial to study and practice with monks or former monks.

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