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Lead an authentic and fulfilling life!

We all want to be happy, be heard, feel understood, be able to focus our energies and talents to the highest potential, and want to matter in other people’s lives.

Successful counseling helps you improve your relationships, your career, and your passions.

If you are anxious or depressed, or are suffering from traumas or addictions, or are just having difficulty dealing with life’s challenges, I have an extremely wide array of highly effective, time-tested tools to help alleviate your problems.

To schedule an appointment email me at ira at iraisrael.com or call 310-430-5150

Je propose également des séances de thérapie en Français. N’hésitez pas à me contacter pour prendre rendezvous.

Office conveniently located at:

12304 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, 90025

Through Ira’s intelligent and contemporary voice, he is uniquely able to communicate traditional mind/body practices, making yogic philosophies and modern day psychology a natural blend that is necessary for Self-awareness and transcendence to occur. I recommend Ira’s work.

~ Seane Corn
Whether attending Ira’s “Advanced Mindfulness” workshop, or a multi day Esalen seminar on “Yoga & Mindfulness,” you’ll be with a gifted, learned, funny and deeply grounded teacher. Ira offers well-organized, interactive, inspiring sessions you’ll find useful for the rest of your life.

~ Donald Thornberry, MD
Vista Hill SmartCare’s team of Behavioral Health Consultants and Educators were blessed with the wisdom, humor and heart-felt experiences of Ira Israel during a day-long Mindfulness/Motivational Interviewing Training tailored specifically for our unique program.

~ Pamela Sachs, LCSW
Ira Israel is a thoughtful and compassionate teacher and therapist, who has the unique gift of marrying psychotherapy and his many years of yoga experience and study as an effective method to alleviate suffering. I have seen profound shifts of self-awareness and understanding for his students.

~ Tracee Stanley
I went to Ira Israel’s Esalen Yoga and Mindfulness retreat and found him to be not only spirited and fun, but delightfully intelligent, astute, and compassionate. His teaching combines a spiritual understanding of the mind and body while offering practical applications.

~ Tatiana Urquiza
Ira’s presentation was wonderful (informative, educational and amusing). He engaged the audience and provided them with mindfulness meditation tools and exercises to help them relax. We plan to have him “back by popular demand” again soon.

~ Amy Feller, Redondo Beach Library
Ira has a straight to the point way about to the heart of what’s holding you back. His humor and vulnerability make him accessible and his integration of meditation and yoga helps you get through your daily obstacles with presence of mind, clarity and calmness.

~ Laurie “Lady Yoga” Searle
I know Ira Israel both as a colleague and a friend and he can be always counted on for his rich devotion to relationships. I highly recommend Ira’s creative, authentic and mindful approach to anyone seeking to learn – in particular, his workshops are breathtaking.

~ Robert Lusson, Ph.D.

Upcoming Workshops

march 2017

25mar1:30 pm- 3:30 pmHow To Get The Love You Really Want!

may 2017

6may3:00 pm- 5:00 pmHow To Be Happy Masterclass at The Den

june 2017

16jun - 19jun 166:00 pmjun 19Cultivating Authentic HappinessLearn Awesome Tools To Keep You At The High End of Your Happiness Spectrum!

november 2017

5nov - 10All DayCultivating Meaning and Happiness through Mindfulness and Yoga

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Preview: A Beginner’s Guide to Happiness

"A Beginner’s Guide to Happiness: 5 Meditations to Inspire Joy" is the latest of five best-selling yoga and meditation DVDs that Ira has created to give you tools to overcome the fears and blocks that may be hindering you from leading an extraordinary life full of loving, supportive relationships.

Preview: How To Be Happy Live Masterclass

This is a live recording of the happiness workshop that I have been teaching at the Esalen Institute and many other places across America for the last six years. The first section is an examination of how your mind was built and why you have so many negative thoughts; section 2 explains what you need to do to show up authentically for your relationships, your career, and yourself; and section 3 goes through a list of all of the things that will keep you at the high end of your happiness range for the rest of your life!